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We are a professional group of dentists in the heart of Bern. As specialists for oral health and dental cosmetics, we fulfill all the needs of modern dentistry in an expert manner.
High quality requirements, professional skills, empathy and diligence are the pillars of our work, for which we continually train and qualify ourselves.

Oral hygiene in Dentcenter-Bern is your expert dental practice in Switzerland.

The treatments carried out by our oral hygienists range from plaque elimination to tartar removal. Their tasks likewise include informing and notifying patients about tooth brushing methods and making use of different auxiliary approaches (dental floss, interdental brushes, toothpicks). We advise at least one session annually to make sure an efficient control of your oral health and to allow an early detection of possible diseases. To guarantee that your teeth remain healthy for a long time, our expert medical personnel in our dental practice in Bern work with special care and the current oral technology.

With professional oral health, your dental professional in Bern will provide you optimum dental prophylaxis. We take special care of the preservation of your teeth, look after your gums and attain the lasting stability of your periodontium through preventive steps. Enable us to encourage you in information and gain from our several years of experience in dentistry. We inform you about the very best dental prophylaxis through efficient tooth brushing and use you great and enduring tooth cleansing at routine periods. Numerous factors and habits damage your teeth and cause tooth decay, which in the worst case can lead to tooth loss.

This includes for example:

- Cigarette smoking. - A diet including sugar and carbohydrates. - Inadequate oral hygiene. - Different medicines. To keep your teeth healthy and strong for a very long time, cautious dental health is definitely essential. The renunciation of nicotine and a modification in diet likewise promotes the conservation of your dental health.

Not just the regular see to the dental practitioner, but also the right oral care in the house are important.

You can care for your teeth by regular tooth brushing and caries avoidance. When consuming, take care to avoid too much sweet food. Plaque and tartar type on the teeth and are the cause of periodontitis, bad breath and dental caries. In order to reach hard-to-reach locations in dental care, it is recommended Click here for info to utilize floss or interdental brushes. This enables you to optimally tidy narrow interdental spaces and prevent the development of cervical caries. We perform professional tooth cleansing at regular intervals and hence guarantee you perfect total protection of your teeth through best oral hygiene. The ideal toothbrush for you is the one that is used frequently.

Dental hygienists and dentists generally constantly recommend tooth brushes that match your private teeth and fit your teeth completely. With the best brushing technique at the correct times, you can ensure that your teeth are cleaned up prophylactically and caries and periodontosis are avoided. Sonic tooth brushes provide an unique and efficient cleansing, because they are really comprehensive and at the very same time gentle on your gums. By turning the water, even the interdental spaces are cleaned by so-called hydrodynamics. To clean up the interdental spaces, a regular toothbrush is only ideal to a limited level. A good third of the whole tooth surface area lies between the teeth. Only interdental brushes and oral floss reach this area. Your trusted dental practitioner in Bern will discuss the best handling and technique for sustainable dental care at house. Tartar is often the cause of different oral diseases.

Basically, you need to have the yearly check-up with your dental professional and have all plaque and tartar removed. Even plaque can be accountable for bad breath. Additionally, you cause tartar that is deposited on the teeth and creates ideal conditions for damaging germs.

This often results in bleeding gums, pocket development and damage to the gums. Teeth end up being loose and can be lost in the long run.

For persistent issues with teeth and gums, professional tooth cleaning is the best treatment technique.

With an expert elimination of tartar your teeth will be devoid of all solid and hard substances. With ultrasound instruments, a small metal idea produces very little pressure on the teeth to carefully get rid of the tartar. In our oral center in Bern we take about an hour for this treatment to clean your teeth intensively and entirely from pollutants. It goes without stating that we advise you and give you valuable ideas for your house oral care. With our oral cleaning we guarantee you:

Prevent dental diseases in time by keeping your teeth clean and well-groomed! At our professional oral health center in Berne, we take the specific requirements of our clients into account and support them with a qualified group of professional dentists and oral assistants.

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